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Unlimited Guide on Image Link Building

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Image source: Moz

Image link building works like fine art. There are some clear deliberation from traditional link building, and taking it to successful reach required a balance of creativity, oddity, and having the right tools on hand

Image link building is a delicate art. There are some distinct considerations from traditional link building, and doing it successfully requires a balance of creativity, curiosity, and having the right tools on hand. Let's plunge in!

Know your link targets

First, you should know your link targets:

1. Popular industry platforms - top pages

First, you should know the platforms or websites that you would earn a link from? Then, you will; observe who might be influencers on those platforms, who is writing content, who may you contact, also you can see the pages currently ranking on those sites. There are lots of tools that give you a peek into that information. SEMrush can show you that top pages report. Another one is SimilarWeb has a popular page report. You can div into this information there, you will get amazing stuff.

2. Old popular images - update!

You can start with your old one, any popular images, and update them. So, in this way, any old popular images that are already working well will allow you to revamp and update? There is a very easy way to filter that type of image dig into some of that is BuzzSumo’s infographics filter, and then you easily insert the topic. Let’s take you to enter a topic and trying to address it and then search by the infographics to see if you can come across anything.

3. Transform popular content into images

You can also just alter or you can change popular content into infographics, and I think there is so much good time in doing that for new statistics reports, new data that comes out. There is a chance of transforming those into multiple images and There are tons of great opportunities to transform those into multiple images and grip that across different platforms for link building.

4. Influencers

Again, just understanding who those influencers are.

Do your keyword research

So, from here we are going deep into the keyword research part of this whole perplex and this is understanding the intent behind people finding the topic or the product or something it might be. Individually you can do is observe keywords with link intent. This amazing concept. What exactly it is, is the idea that keywords with statistics or facts or facts that keywords have link intent baked into the search query. It s good. Those

It's brilliant. Those respective are keen for something to reference, to maybe link to, to include in a presentation or an article or whatever that might be. It has this basic link intent.

You can evaluate another thing is just anything around images. It would be anything your keywords and pictures or photos, etc. have good search volume with some opportunities? What does the search result currently look like? By this, you can generate a report about what is working or what is not. Let’s take an example some people say I didn’t want anyone writing any piece of content until they read all of the 10 search results for that keyword or that keyword they are targeting. I just want to say why would you need all these things until you have full knowledge of how that looks currently and how we can make something way better?

Provide value

So, now we are going to move up to providing value. Now we are in the analysis stage. May, you get some ideas, you know where you want to link from, and you need to provide value in some way. It could be a…

I. Reference/bookmark Almost every people bookmark the things to remember, this is the thing that always works.

II. Perspective is the second thing I would like to discuss. Perspective is a really interesting one. In this data, visualizations are extremely amazed. It helps simplify very confusing data. It's a great way to hold images and graphics.

III. Printouts is another option still working in marketing.

IV. Curate images. You will see this in lots of articles. You see maybe the top 25 to 50 images from this tradeshow or this event or whatever it might be, ‘This is a great way to get link building and kind of getting people fired up about a selected piece of content.

Gregory Ciotti — I don’t it is right or not — I would like to suggest to you an amazing article "Why a Visual Is Worth a Thousand Words," and he mentions don't be afraid to get clear. I love that article because we always overthink things but we execute that in a simple way.


So, now let’s move on to optimization. If any of you required clarification on image optimization, I highly recommend you go through Rand's Whiteboard Friday on image SEO. It covers everything. Some of them are here...


Your title should contain keywords. Or it should be clear as to what exactly that image wants to say.

Alt text

This was first and leading designed for the visually blunt, so here you should be creative or mindful of visually, it is the first that speak about the image what exactly image about. So, first and foremost you must be very helpful and productive in the image description.


Compression is the vast part of image link building. Page speed is a big issue now. Now, it becomes the most important part of SEO. I know you guys do too. But one of the simplest ways to help page speed is to compress those large images. There are great free tools that amazed in help such as Optimizilla. In this, you can upload a bounce lo large images and then download in bulk. This is one of the easiest ways. Here are another some desktop programs, if are doing these kinds of work daily. That tools automatically compress images you download and then save.

Do you want to host images? You want it to live on your domain. You want to own it. You can grab it on other platforms, but you want to sort of that original to be on your site.


Source set attribute is the technical part. It's super interesting, and it's this unbelievable image attribute that permits you to set the minimum browser size and help in setting different image sizes. So, in this way you only do not have different images show up for various devices in various sizes, but you can also So you can not only have different images show up for different devices in different sizes, but you can also renovate them. What you can do, you can revamp the same image and serve it better for a mobile user versus a tablet, etc. Jon Henshaw has some of the greatest stuff on the source set. Check out some of his articles. He is doing amazing things with it. See that.


Promotion is an important part. Let’s taker an example you did ready everything, now the time that the world has to see that work. This comes in the promotion part. You already do these things. Right? If you share any content, make them aware of that. If some Or if you changed a really popular piece of content into some observable, you might want to share that with the person who is sharing that piece of content. You need to go through your previous content promotion.

Inform the influencers

Ask your friends, colleagues to share it. There is nothing wrong in asking your network to share it you’ve worked hard on it. You're not afraid to share something a connection of yours has that they worked hard on.

Monitor the image SERPs

This is the time of monitor and analysis. One easiest and good way to do it is Google reverse image search. First, go to Google here click on the image tab, in the image tab you will see the camera icon, and then upload the image to analyze where else they live on the web. This is the best way to see who is using your image, what’ its position or you are getting backlink or not. You want to keep an eye on all of that stuff.

Two other tools that can also help you are Image Raider and TinEye.

Reverse image search goes best with google. This is also a great option for someone to get on the market and generate a Google alert for images. I don't think no one is doing that right now.

So for monitoring, let’s take an example you see your image is using on different websites. Now, you need to put some effort to get that link. You want to request that link for using your image.

This is just a super basic template that I came up with. You can use it. You can change it, do whatever you want. But it's just:

Hi, [first name].

Thank you so much for including our image in your article. Great work. Just wondering if you could link to us(your website link) as the source.


Your name

Something like the upper example, which should be short or to the point. If you can make it more customized, please do. I can't strain it more. People will take you way more seriously if you have some chunk of personal information or connection that you can make.

From there, you just sort of stay in this loop. After reading this, you need to continue to promote your content and continue to monitor and do exceed, and push that to maximize your link-building attempts.

I hope you enjoyed this. If it goes helpful to you then, please comment. I look forward to seeing you all later. Thanks.

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