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5 tips for your Google Ads campaign 2021 big resolutions

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

5 tips for your Google Ads campaign 2021 big resolutions
5 tips for your Google Ads campaign 2021 big resolutions

Today's blog on tips for your google ads campaigns. I hope this blog will help you, read the complete blog to get complete information.

Google added more automation and complexity to its ad products. It will be helpful for your day-to-day campaign management, it comes at the price of readability and control over your campaigns.

As a market strategy, you should manage control over your campaigns and strategies. Google’s optimizations are not always in your best interest, nor they don’t know what is your brand context. One solution could be to use a campaign optimization tool. It assists you to get insights on your campaigns while enduring in charge of the final decision.

If you really want to succeed in 2021: Then you have to integrate more data, hold on to control over automatic Google optimizations, confront increased competition… don’t worry about any need for more time for it. Let’s have look at 5 New Year’s resolutions you should focus on in 2021:

1. SKAGs: OUT, Intent: IN

Google commendation steadiness within campaigns. The consistency in your keywords will increase the better the campaign will perform overall. This has been the reason behind the notorious single keyword ad groups strategy (or SKAGs) that was famous last recent years. Frankly, it was a troublesome mess. Luckily, in late Google come with new updates regarding SKAGs irrelevant: match type update, close variants, etc.

So if you called consistency is key but SKAGs is overkill, what are we to do? As a marketer, we have to work with using our common sense. In this situation, the user’s intent should be the North Star around which you group your keywords.

When someone searches for the name of your brand and is more probably convert and buy once on your site. First thing, collect all the keywords related to your brand, group them, and bring the best CPA and ROAS. Secondly, keywords like “price” or “discount” are strong signals of buy intent. While clauses including “specifications,” “size” or “warranty” are important for you to bid on, your CTR and CR will be lower, thus you should have a minimum bid for those. If you want to work on your results, you require visualization and quantify the area in which you can improve things and search for new business. The trick is to structure your account suitably.

This may be a time-wasting and baffle process. I have a suggestion you should start with is to use insight tools Google Ads analyzer report to help you in the understanding of your current campaigns.

2. Declutter your campaign, no more wasted ad spend

This may be somehow complicated with dozens of campaigns, hundreds of words of ad copy, and tens of thousands of keywords, keeping a close eye on each of them can be profuse. Still, it is key to your victory. dire performance spending shows the portion of your Google Ads investment that has a low-quality score or isn’t converting much. Eventually, keeping a handle on things gets more time-consuming as you are adding news terms and copies every day. After a few years, it can become unmanageable.

To lessen the squandered spend you’ll have to drill down into two reports: the Quality Score and the Search Query Report to analyze the search words that activate your ads.

You can also penny-pinching and quantify your possible savings with the free cleaning tool. Our monitoring with over 6000 accounts audited monthly is that marketers, on average, can save up to 32% on their spending with no effect on performance by clipping the right branches.

3. Double down on your strengths

Frequently, advertisers believe that to increase sales they have to buy new keywords.

While this is true, it is at least as main to give surety you have the maximum market share on the keywords for which you are the most profitable (beyond branded traffic of course)!

Make sure you don’t lose any opportunity is to monitor the Impression Share you have on Google Ads SERPs.

Lost impressions show missed a good chance on searches related to the keywords you choose to bid on. You need to focus on the top 10 campaigns and check the market shares of your competitors and monitor closely when you are not shown.

4. Make it shine

Copy and visuals are playing an increasingly important role in campaigns. As a user is revealed to more than 6000 ads daily, you are required to projected to get a chance to attract their engagement.

The quality of the creative weighs up to 80% in the performance of Facebook Ads campaigns, and we observe a similar trend on Google Ads campaigns.

And the importance of the visual is also increasing on the Google Ads network!

The secret behind optimizing your ads and generating is to give in to the power of statistics. You can not at all know for sure which creative will work the best, but you can now easily test your best guesses. The magic number is between 3 and 5. Always test at least 3 and no more than 5 ads in an ad group.

Think about the benchmark: the campaign optimization tool will also give you recommendations for priority areas to improve: optimization of ads, use of ad extensions, etc.

5. Spend smarter, not more

Progressively, Google is catching up with Facebook on the user-oriented approach. Your spend needs to be allot not only on keywords or disposition levels but you must also take into account the user profiles.

Data is collected from users’ allegorical information, whenever they are online, as well as Google Analytics shared data and deduce data from previous search queries (i.e. if a user searches for baseball game score, he is a sports enthusiast). To take user profiles into consideration, make bid adjustments to your most valuable audiences and criteria.

It is key to integrate dimensions for audiences for your campaigns: socio-demographics, time of the day/day of the week, geography, devices, etc.

Bonus Tips: Remember to look at it especially at the global level, then on the top campaigns where the differences are important.

Starting the year with good resolutions is great, but it is only the first step. The key to having a State of the Art Google Ads account all year round is to maintain a steady pace of work.

Are your Google Ads Campaigns optimized? Get free advice today! Sequoia IT Services

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