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Latest 5 SEO Updates in 2020 That You Must Know!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

How necessary SEO is for your website you all know that! Right?. But what exactly mean by good SEO? We know that lots of websites do SEO. But few of them rank on Google. The only reason behind that ranking is they are following the latest protocol of Google’s SEO. Yes, this is true Google do thousands of changes every year. So, to get the best results you have to up-to-date with the Google algorithm.

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Here are the top 5 updates on SEO 2020:

Top 5 SEO Updates in 2020

Whenever Google makes any change in its algorithm, it creates panic in many website owners. Mostly on those who don’t understand the SEO functions and what they need to optimize the search engine. This is the Mul Mantar that SEO is the dynamically changing sector. And you need to keep on-trend. Here is the list of Google algorithm changes:

1. Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google’s 2020 first algorithm update is “Broad Core Algorithm Update”. It was announced by Google twitter official account. What basically Broad Core Algorithm Update is? It is generally an upgrade to the overall Google algorithm used to better understand the search queries of users. Google directly doesn’t target sites of specific niche or ranking signals, like quality, in this form of an update. In such types of updates, there’ nothing to do with changes to boost your rating if it is lost as a result. What you need to do only is, create quality content, build backlinks, and update social platforms. In this way, the algorithm is updated many times per year, but broad core updates are basically done to incorporate new features into the algorithm that work on how sites are ranked.

2. BERT Update

Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers (BERT), is Google’s uneasy network-based technique for natural language processing (NPL). According to Google, BERT is helpful to understand the nuances and context of words in searches and for better match of those queries with more relevant results.

3. Maverick Update

Maverick Update name was given by the Webmaster World’s Brett Tabke in reaction to show changes in the search results and traffic reported. Maverick is basically the many smaller changes make on a routine basis each year. And endure unclear whether it means those verticals or website elements will be thinking about more favorable by Google going forward.

As with other smaller updates to the algorithm, this update doesn’t affect your overall changes in the search scenario. Striking several industries and types of queries, it doesn’t emerge to point t a ranking shift that favors one type of brand or content over another. As I already told you Google makes approx 2-3 thousand changes to the algorithm every year. This change may create a bigger impact than other releases.

4. Site Diversity Update

What is Site Diversity Update? Site Diversity Update is the control the limit of domains sees with the multiple URLs in the Search Engine Result Pages. The main motive of this is to decrease the number of sites for listing in the search engine, which means no more than 2 pages from the same website. It was officially announced by Google’s official Twitter account.

5. Google Mobile Speed Update

In the latest Google comes with the Mobile speed update. Which is added page speed as the ranking factor for the mobile search results. This update you will see when you see your website on mobile and you feel less traffic to your website. Then Google search console will show you “your ranking is fluctuating due to your slow site speed on mobile. Actually, page loading time matters a lot in the google search engine. If page load time increases from 1 to 10 seconds, the bouncing rate increases around 120% which majorly affects the ranking. Approx, 52-54% of mobile users leave a page that takes up to 3 sec. And the average loading time of the sites on mobile is 15 seconds.

In starting, Google makes only a few updates, but now it makes thousands of updates in its algorithm every year. These updates are so minor so, they go entirely unnoticed. On the other hand, Google makes major updates that remarkably affect your ranking. So, you definitely need to up-to-date to get a better ranking in search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

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