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In the online world, websites are the most valuable or first investment for your business. You should have the right mixture of essential elements and strategy is important for designing and developing a successful website.​

Web Design 

Sequoia IT Services provides broad website design services boasting highly scalable designs creative graphics and layouts. Holding our experience over industries, we have been able to deliver creative, hand-crafted, creative and innovative, and user-friendly designs. Our strong team of UI and graphic designers design layout concepts based on clients' needs, branding-aesthetical instructions, industry best practices, and market trends.

Web Development 

Sequoia IT Services experienced in developing multi-functional, robust, dynamic, and scalable CMS websites make use of advanced technologies such as ASP.Net/PHP. We work on the Agile Development process, to make sure client engagement at regular intervals, transparency about the progress, and high-quality output. With our in deep know-how of the latest technology platforms, we have also got valuing as a reactive web design company. We also serve website content writing services for various industry segments.

What do We offer?

Web App Development

With the help of leading technology and tools to offer expert web app development services. Our teams are experts at HTML, Java, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, Mootools, and much more. With the help of software engineers and developers who are experienced in their field, we can guarantee that you will get the website exactly as you want.

E-commerce Website Development

We provide expert e-commerce website development services with a full package of performances such as secure payment gateways, e-commerce SEO, and scalability by using major platforms such as Magento, Joomla, and WooCommerce.

Open Source Development

At Sequioa IT Services, we realize that the sooner you get your site up, the sooner your consumers can find your existence and start using your product. We serve open source development services, accordingly, we leverage free-to-use codes that are customizable for your brand, making the process of developing something for you much faster..

Content Management Solutions

We assist in content management solutions that are based on correct analytics and are designed to better not only your user interaction but also your search engine ranking. With in-depth formulate, we give the surety that your brand’s voice is well defined and clear to your target audience.

Website Maintenance Services

Keep going your website maintenance services is a way to keep information up-to-date, along with making sure that the functionality of each and every element is as it should be. At Sequoia IT Services, we provide expert website maintenance services that keep your site running smoothly at all times.

Web Hosting Services

We provide round-the-clock web hosting services in Delhi/NCR and all over India that are resistant to glitches and problems that may lead to your website being unavailable. We offer Virtual Private Servers (VPS), dedicated hosting services with root access, managed services with leading tools like FTP, DNS, Cloud hosting, grid hosting, and much more to make sure that your website stays live all times.

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