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Social Media Marketing Services



Our social media advertising campaigns not only increase likes ​that generate leads.

Are you frustrated with the lack of results with your social media ad strategy? You are not single one who are facing this issue. Actually there are countless business struggling with this issue.

Are you thinking maybe social media just isn't for you? If yes! Then you are wrong. If you have solid strategy, then social media can help you to grow your business. 

Here we are not talking about more likes or comments. Surely those are nice, but what we are talking about is conversion.

Why Social Media Work for Your Business

Over the past few decades, marketing has changed and evolved countless. But here one thing never is changed: If want more customers you have to go to the place they are spending more time.

Just because lots of marketers or businesses don't know how to reach their audience it doesn't mean it's not possible.

Social Media Marketing in SEQUOIA IT Services Way


1. Focus on Measures That Matter

Actually there is one of the biggest reason why businesses struggling on capitalizing on social media marketing is only because they focus on wrong results. Likes, comments, and new followers is great way to building an audience. But in the end what is it really you wants?


Is it more leads? More sales? More downloads for particular piece of content? More conversions for a limited time offer?


If you really want social media marketing to deliver results to you, then you have to build strategy first for your goal.

This is the initial step we take as we develop a social media strategy for our clients.


2. Make your time investment 

Actually organic social reach is completely dead. Actually we did argue it was really alive. Did you know an organic Facebook reaches less than 1% of your audience? Well this number will increase as more as more people engage with your post. But you have to invest more and more time to that point is often just not worth it.

Paid social media is totally different story. Paid social media strategy can deliver your content to specific audience. 

  • Want to target your email subscribers only? Not an issue.

  • Looking for the audience who have same likes and interests? No problem.

  • Want to introduce new product or service or want to get in front of particular experts? Not a tough task.

At Sequoia IT Services, we make the observation we've seen firsthand how much time, money, and effort is wasted on the social media. That is the reason we always focus on the strategies proven to deliver results.


3. Keep your budget in check

If we know that paid social media is the most effective path to experience true growth, then why don't every brands go with this strategy?

Because they're afraid of costs.

But actually in reality, paid social media is one of the most cost effective marketing strategy, if you manage it correctly.

At Sequoia IT Services, we keep your paid social media costs down by:

  • We create ads and posts designed to convert.

  • Targeting to specific audience that really want to engage with your content.

  • We launch A/B testing on each of the ad to monitor performance accordingly.

  • Making daily optimization checks and making accordingly changes to your content at real time data.

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